World-Class Special Inspection Services Anaheim CA

As a Deputy Inspector in Anaheim CA, we handle Epoxy Special Inspections, Concrete Special Inspection & Testing, Structural Steel Welding, High Strength Bolting, Structural Masonry, Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials, Reinforcing Steel and Pre-Stressing Steel Tendons.  

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Cavanaugh Inspection Service will work together with the owner, the Owners agent and the local jurisdiction to provide a smooth inspection transition through your project. We go the extra mile to see that the correct methods are being applied and the codes as well as the approved plans and specifications are being followed. We provide a thorough daily report to all the parties involved as well as a final report. You can trust that our knowledge of the industry and our dedication to a successful project outcome will help guide you through the requirements in a timely and reasonable manner.


Special Inspection Services Anaheim CA

We Provide High-Quality Special Inspection Services

Special Inspection Services Anaheim CA

Structural Steel and Welding

Steel construction and non-destructive testing of structural steel elements in buildings requires Special Inspection.  We provide the Special Inspections of the steel erection and structural welding, as required in The Statement of Special Inspections.

Anaheim Special Inspections

Structural Concrete

Inspection and Testing

Structural concrete exceeding 2000 psi requires Special Inspection & strength testing. We provide the on-site continuous inspection during placement and perform the strength testing, pick up and curing of the specimens to the 28-day requirements. We provide early break results on request, as required in The Statement of special Inspections.

Special Inspections in Anaheim CA

Epoxy and Rebar

Inspection and Testing

Special Inspection is required for the installation of rebar and hold down retrofits into the existing structure. Continuous inspection is required.  We provide continuous epoxy inspections and periodical rebar inspection and testing, as required in The Statement of Special Inspections.

Anaheim CA Special Inspection Services

Structural Masonry

Inspection and Testing

Structural masonry requires periodical inspection during the placement of CMU block structures. We provide the periodical inspection of masonry construction and continuous inspection & testing of grout placement, as required in The Statement of Special Inspections.

Special Inspections Anaheim

California Commercial

Building Inspector

We provide all Special inspection of wood structural diaphragms as required in The Statement of Special Inspections. Our service extends to any building inspection needs that fall under California Building Inspection.

Special Inspection Services Anaheim CA

Certified in all Inspections

It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality of inspection and customer care while maintaining the utmost in professional integrity. We have continued to build our customer base in Southern California, focusing on new, remodel, residential and commercial construction. We remain dedicated to our primary goal of customer satisfaction through personal service.

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World-Class Special Inspections Anaheim CA

Inspectors are not all the same. Attention to detail plays a huge factor in the final product. You need an inspector that has the integrity to do the job right- cutting corners could cause $1000's in additional repair work.

At Cavanaugh Inspection Services, we've built our brand with integrity on every special inspection project we've ever handled. We make your needs our own and use only the finest inspectors, techniques and certified professionals.

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Cavanaugh Inspection Services strives to be different in the special inspection industry. We treat your project like it belonged to our family. That means we spend extra time during inspections. We use the highest quality testing processes and only hire highly experienced, ethical inspectors. We are also insurance experts that know how to watch out for your best interests.

Our team is here for you from start to finish. With 18 years of world-class professionalism and service, we consider it a privilege to solve all your roofing needs.

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